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Welcome to RioGrandeSouthern.Com!

Within this website you will find loads of great model and prototype information....

What's New?

I finished painting the backdrops at Old Placerville and hope to start on some scenery soon. You can read about it here.

It looks like I'm going to have an article on painting the decks and detailing Blackstone Models HOn3 flatcars in the upcoming 2010 HOn3Annual! Here's a sneak peek of the completed project.

Here's  a quick article and some photos showing how I painted my Brown Tank

I've finally had some time to make some changes on my layout. The trackwork at Montrose is in. You can read about it here.

Stan Schwedler sent me some great information on D&RGW boxcar placards. You can read about it here.

Check out my "Making Brass Engines RTR" in the 2009 HOn3Annual!

The Drive Train Calculator mentioned in the article can be found here.

Additional and larger photos that didn't make it into the article can be found here.
If you'd like me to make your locomotive RTR, more information can be found here.

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